Damien reading the German DVD summary of CLV !!

Dear friends,

If you don’t own a DVD of CHI L’HA VISTO – WO BIST DU yet, you should hear how lovely French-speaking swiss Damien Rednawhcs is reading the german summary. Can anyone resist now? We love it !!

Klick here for: Damien reading the summary !!


Here you will get your personal DVD: good!movies: http://bit.ly/X4WAMI, Real Fiction: http://bitly.com/SorcGe , Amazon: http://amzn.to/SsGMAe.

For all German, Swiss and Austrian people and for the rest of the world !!

Best, Claudia Rorarius


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Musical-Star plays leading-part in German roadmovie

Gianni Meurer was born in 1974 in Bonn as the son of German-Italian parents. In the early 1990s he studied Dance and Drama at the Stage School of Music in Hamburg. Following his training as a musical actor, he worked in various productions, including Kiss Me Kate, La Cage aux Folles, My Fair Lady or West Side Story.

In 2009, friends told him about the upcoming auditions for the musical “Ich war noch niemals in New York in Vienna. Gianni took the chance and finally, after three auditions, he was part of the team. He moved to Vienna and since March 2010 he plays the role of “Costa” at the Raimund-Theater six times per week.

In addition to his numerous engagements in musicals Gianni looks back on a series of film and television productions, including Rosa von Praunheim’s Spurensuche and an episode for the well-known german TV-crime-show “Tatort”, directed by Angelina Maccarone.

He met Claudia Rorarius in 2004 at an acting workshop hold by John Costopoulos. Costopoulos studied at the legendary Actors Studio in NY alongside Harvey Keitel. Other famous actors were trained there, such as James Dean, Marlon Brando, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro.

Inspired by the so called method-acting method, they both dealt with during the workshop, they soon came up with the first ideas for CHI L’HA VISTO – WHO SAW HIM. In this partly autobiographical roadmovie Gianni plays the main role, a Half-Italien twenty-something who’s looking for his father in Italy.

Currently Gianni Meurer is engaged for a role in the mafia film ”Das Engelsgsicht“, directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, starring german actor Moritz Bleibtreu.


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CHI L’HA VISTO – WHO SAW HIM is “particularly valuable”

The German film ratings agency Deutsche Film- und Medienbewertung (similar to the MPAA) honoured CHI L’HA VISTO – WO BIST DU as “particularly valuable” and thus made a clear recommendation!

You can find the original jury’s decision here: CHI L’HA VISTO Jurybegründung. Unfortunatly it’s only available in German, so we translated the final recommendation for you:

“An unpretentious film that provides the discerning viewer with insight into one multicultural life in today’s inner cities.”

We hope you share this decision and recommend our film to your friends!

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CHI L’HA VISTO – WHO SAW HIM at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2010

Here’s what the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival wrote about CHI L’HA VISTO – WHO SAW HIM in 2010:

At first sight, young Berliner Gianni Meurer looks a lot like a southerner, and that’s how he feels and acts. The Italian blood coursing through his veins pushes him to take a journey to the unknown in order to seek out his roots and his father, whom he last saw 25 years earlier. Besides faded childhood memories, the only reminders he has of his dad are a few letters and a photograph. Gianni sets out for Rome, showing the photo to everyone he meets on the way in the hope that someone will eventually recognize his dad.

In this remarkable debut, German director Claudia Rorarius, who has ample experience making documentaries, blends fiction and reality, biography and drama. Chi l’ha visto (Who Saw Him) – a road movie about a trip the protagonist must take in order to move on with his life – is based on improvised dialogue and wonderful acting performances from well-known musician Paul Kominek and, above all, Gianni Meurer, which is the protagonist’s actual name. In Germany he is a popular musical actor who, like Gianni in the movie, is an Italian-German who lost all contact with his father at an early age.

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Support CHI L’HA VISTO – WHO SAW HIM at IndieGoGo!

Dear friends of the arthouse cinema,

We would like to remind you of our crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo. To finance the necessary film prints and the DVD production of CHI L’HA VISTO – WHO SAW HIM (92 min. feature film) we need you !!

Time is running and we have only 4 weeks left to raise the money. So please don’t hesitate!


Of course you will get SPECIAL DONATIONS for your support, i.e. a personal video of the lead actor Gianni Meurer, a signed DVD with your personal mention as a supporter in the booklet or even a very personal premiere ticket.

Press Contribute now >> chose you Perk & Amount >> Enter your email address or, Connect with Facebook >> Personalization >> chose Payment (credit or debit card, PayPal or check ($USD only))

Your could also support anonymously, if you do not want to be named publicly.

And at this point, a very big thank you to everyone who already supported us! You guys are great!

Thank you so much. We need you !!

Claudia Rorarius (director) und Gianni Meurer (lead actor)

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Claudia Rorarius – from photgraphy to film

Claudia Rorarius was born in Berlin. After studying photography at the Lette-Verein-Berlin, she has been successfully working as a freelance photographer for various magazines such as Zeit-Magazin, Spex, WIRE and Wallpaper.

In the last few years she portrayed many celebrities, including Juliette LewisEnnio MorriconeEminemRoisin MurphyConor Oberst and John Cale. You’ll find most of her work on her website soquiet.de.

Claudia also studied film at the renowned Academy of Media Arts Cologne and has made serveral internationally awarded short and documentary films, such as Cable Car and Twin, both honoured “particularly valuable”. During the Berlinale Talent Campus she participated in a Directors Workshop held by Mike LeighStephen Frears und Ken Loach.

Furthermore she worked for german TV stations, such as ARTE, VIVA und WDR and directed music videos for bands like Justus Köhncke and Donna Regina. In 2004 she completed the documentary Susanne in cooperation with ZDF Kleines Fernsehspiel.

CHI L’HA VISTO – WHO SAW HIM is Rorarius’ first feature-length film as a director and producer and was shown at several festivals, e.g. the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and the Montréal World Film Festival. It was nominated for “best feature” at the Torino Film Festival.

Here’s the video to Justus Köhncke’s – Was Ist Musik? (What is music?)

Justus Köhncke – Was Ist Musik? (What is music?) from Claudia Rorarius on Vimeo.

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Thank you for your support [video]

Here’s a little video for all you lovely supporters and those who might pledge soon. With our german campaign we are currently at 17%, but our international campaign still needs a little bit of your love, so please spread the word. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Btw, here’s the link to our 1. THANK YOU video (in case you missed it).

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The story so far…

In August 2009 we finished our 90-minute feature film debut CHI L’HA VISTO – WHO SAW HIM with support from Filmstiftung NRW and the German Federal Film Board.

When completed, the film was shown at several festivals, including the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, the Montréal World Film Festival, the Torino Film Festival, the Atlanta Film Festival, the Mix Mexico Sexual Diversity Film Festival and the Film-Festival Max Ophüls and was very well received, and we got lots of positive feedback.

Now we are looking forward to its theatrical release in Germany, which is the starting point for all other distribution plans. A successful theatrical release in Germany also allows us to show CHI L’HA VISTO – WHO SAW HIM to an international audience and helps the release of the film in other countries as well as on DVD and online.

For the theatrical release and the subsequent international DVD release we still need analog and digital copies of the film. We also need to finish the subtitling, author the DVD and produce some various marketing materials. This is why we started two crowdfunding campaigns, one for international backers on IndieGoGo, another one for German speaking fans and supporters on startnext.

Together with friends, fans and movie lovers worldwide, we hope to receive enough money to bring CHI L’HA VISTO – WHO SAW HIM to the cinemas, release it on DVD and show it to as many people as possible. Especially independent film-lovers, road movie and drama fans, friends of the Italian cinema, people who are in search of their own identity, as well as homosexuals and people with bi-national backgrounds will love the film.

The money from both crowdfunding campaigns goes straight into the production of film copies for the theatrical release, the subtitling, recording of audio comments, DVD-authoring, promotional material (posters, postcards, trailer production etc.), press screenings, travel and transportation and general marketing activities.

In the following weeks we will keep you in the loop on our CHI L’HA VISTO BLOG and we will update you with all the latest news about the theatrical release and the crowdfunding campaigns. Additionally we’ll give you exclusive insight into the making of the movie and provide you with background infos.

Please also visit CHI L’HA VISTO on Facebook , follow soquietfilms on Twitter and of course read the updates on startnext and IndieGoGo.

If you want to know more about the movie and our plans, please watch this short video introduction:

Again, here you’ll find the direct links to our crowdfunding campaigns:

Please share this links with your friends and feel free to contact us! We’re looking forward to your comments and your feedback. We really appreciate your support. We love you!


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